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Well-Being Tips from All Monthly Newsletters





  • Curious about how much a job pays? Check out my latest article!

  • Need Help Filing Your Taxes? I just filed my taxes again this year with TurboTax! It's so easy to use and they have real experts to help you with your taxes or even do them for you. If you use this link you can get up to 20% off when you file online!


  • Curious about what you value the most in life?  Take the Values Survey here!


  • Have you set your New Year's Resolution yet? Check out this article to help you out and make the best of your new year!

  • QuillBot - Want to write better, faster, and clearer? QuillBot's paraphrasing tool helps millions of people rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art AI. Rewrite any paragraph or article. Try 5 different rewriting modes.


  • Want to read more books in 2022 but don't know there to get started? Sign up for Goodreads to meet your favorite book, find your reading community, and manage your reading life!


Here are some that are on my to-read list:

     - The Best American Essays 2021

     - When Breadth Becomes Air

     - The Midnight Library

     - The Conquest of Happiness


Here are some more recommendations from others:

     - 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards

     - Gates' recommendations

     - Goodreads Members' Most Anticipated 

       Books of 2022



  • Reminder: Schedule your annual physical exam! It’s so easy to put off your health when you have so many things going on in life! Be sure to schedule your annual physical exam if you haven’t already!

  • ThredUp - Want to get affordable clothes and wonder where to sell your clothes? Try ThredUp! ThredUP is an online consignment and thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. Find your favorite brands at up to 90% off.


  • Check out Calm's Masterclass: The Power of Rest - I highly recommend listening to this class on the importance of rest. I completely shifted my attitude towards rest after listening to this, and have started to actively embed rest into my daily life, which has done wonders for my well-being!

  • Need help taking breaks and relieving pain from working at your desk for too long? Try Desk Yogi! I have started to set regular email reminders via Desk Yogi to do stretches at my desk. With just 5 - 10 minutes of exercise, my neck and shoulder pains are immediately relieved, and I can get back to work feeling more energized!


  • A Tip & Resource for finding your mission: Check out The 17 UN Development Goals to get some ideas you can contribute to that can be part of your mission! Also check out my take on the 5 Benefits of Finding Your Mission in Life!

  • Want to start your own company? Join the Founder's Institute! - "The global lockdown has given the planet a moment to recover and given our minds the freedom to see beyond our daily routines. We are reflecting on the lives that we lead. We are asking big questions. What can we be? What is next? Now is the time to build the future we want to see in the world."


The First-Time Homebuyer's Checklist

A workshop to help guide you through the purchasing of a new home (whether you're in the market now, or would like to own one at some point in the future)

When? September 21st | 6:30-8:00pm ET

Reserve my spot!


How To Make Passive Income

A workshop to help you turn your knowledge into a new revenue stream.

When? September 29th | 6:30-8:00pm ET

Reserve my spot!


  • Must-watch: The Me You Can’t See - Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry guide honest discussions about mental health and emotional well-being while opening up about their mental health journeys and struggles. 

  • Must-listen podcast: Blinkist's Simplify - Have you ever looked at your habits, your happiness, your relationships, or your work and thought, “There’s got to be a better way to do this?” The talk with authors, productivity wizards, and happiness experts to help you take control of today. I love how at the end of each episode, they share some of their recent favorite books!


  • What are your character strengths?  Take this free online assessment to find out!

  • Summer Food Tips! "I have been obsessed with dried goji berries and fruits in yogurt for breakfast! Give it a try! You will love it! :)"


  • Get Extra Cash for by Saving/Depositing Your Money in a New Bank Account!

“I have received more than $2000 just from opening 4 new bank accounts last year! This has been the simplest and risk-free way to earn money!" --- An anonymous member.

Check out this article to find the latest offers from banks!

  • Interested in investing in stocks? Get Started on Webull with 2 FREE Stocks using this referral link from a community member!

  • Need to get some work done, but not feeling motivated? Work/study with others online! When you feel unmotivated to work at home, I highly recommend studying with people online! I personally love to study with Athena's Study Room. Studying with Athena has helped me stay focused and also make sure I take breaks in between sessions!


  • Financial Well-being YouTubers

Your financial well-being is the backbone of your overall well-being. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers that have truly stepped up my financial well-being over the years!


The Financial Diet

One Big Happy Life


  • Podcasts

Let’s proactively choose what we allow into our brain by listening to podcasts! Here are some of my recent favorites:


Life Kit

Feel Better, Live More

No Stupid Questions

The Minimalists Podcast

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