3 Steps to Redesign Your Life To Be Truly Happy

Updated: Jul 15

I aim to live a happy life. More specifically, I define my happy life as a state of living where most of the time, I'm doing something that makes me feel energized, comfortable and gives me a sense of purpose. I realize I tend to have this feeling when I'm doing something that makes use of my strengths to help others, that also makes me a better person over time. Thus, my ultimate goal is to strive to do something that meets all of the above while also being able to sustain myself. As I find my path towards this goal, I would like to share some tips with you to also help you find the way of living that truly makes you happy.

My definition of my "perfect" life is a state of living where most of the time, I'm doing something that makes me feel energized, comfortable and gives my life a sense of purpose; meanwhile, this activity should also help others in some way and also make me become a better person over time.

When we were little, we were very clear about what we liked or disliked. However, for many of us, as we grow up, we become increasingly influenced by what others think we should do. As we reach the goal set by others, we soon realize this does not make us truly happy. I believe if we make an effort and take time to understand ourselves and be more aware of our feelings, we can all find a way of living that truly makes us happy.

Since most of us spend a significant amount of our lives and days working, let's shift our focus to helping you find work that you truly enjoy.

To get started, please take a minute to read over the following statements from the Work & Well-being Survey (UWES) that measures your level of engagement with your work.

1. At my work, I feel bursting with energy

2. I find the work that I do full of meaning and purpose

3. Time flies when I'm working

4. At my job, I feel strong and vigorous

5. I am enthusiastic about my job

6. When I am working, I forget everything else around me

7. My job inspires me

8. When I get up in the morning, I feel like going to work

9. I feel happy when I am working intensely

10. I am proud on the work that I do

11. I am immersed in my work

12. I can continue working for very long periods at a time

13. To me, my job is challenging

14. I get carried away when I’m working

15. At my job, I am very resilient, mentally

16. It is difficult to detach myself from my job

17. At my work I always persevere, even when things do not go well

If your answer is "No" for most of these, then it is time to make a change. Here are my tips for finding work that truly makes you happy:

1. Identify activities that make you feel the most energized.

What are the things you do that makes you feel energized, inspired and give you a sense of meaning? What are some things you'd love to do without getting paid for it? What are some activities you really enjoyed as a child? If you cannot think of anything right away, try writing down all the different activities you do on a daily basis and rate each them on a scale of 1-5 in terms of how energized, meaningful and inspired you feel after doing them.

2. Incorporate these energizing activities into your schedule.

For example, if the activity you identified from #1 involves reading books & writing. Schedule in some reading and writing time right before going to bed each night. The key is to start spending time on those activities that energizes you the most on a regular basis.

3. Think of ways to monetize the activity so you can eventually sustain yourself to do it full-time.

Something that started off as a hobby could turn into a side-job, that can then turn something you get to do all day! For example, if you are most energized by reading and writing, you can start a blog and get paid by advertisements or write a book; if you love arts and crafts, start selling your hand-made products on Etsy; if you are into fashion, open a YouTube channel to share your fashion tips! It is easier nowadays than ever to start something on your own through the internet. Just step out of your comfort zone and be brave to start doing something that truly gives you happiness and meaning!

I hope this article has inspired you to start finding what truly makes your life worth living, bringing you one step closer towards living your version of your ideal life!

Note, if you want to find ways to improve your experience of work in general without having to change jobs, check out my article on "How to Craft Your Work to Improve Your Experience at Work".


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