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Live Everyday With A Traveler's Mindset

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you like to travel? Have you thought about why you enjoy traveling? What if we live our daily lives with a traveler's mindset and bring aspects of what makes us enjoy traveling into our everyday life?

One downside of having lived in many places around the world is that no where really feels like home. However, the upside is I feel like I'm a tourist everywhere I go. This traveler's mindset has helped me maintain curiosity in my immediate environment and has enriched my daily life!

You can also build a traveler's mindset to thrive in your daily lives by following these five simple tips below!

Tip #1: Plan Something Fun to do Everyday

Most of us make some sort of travel itinerary to make the best out of the experience. A lot of the excitement comes from anticipating and imagining the things we will do: where to eat and what attractions to visit each day.

You can also make it a habit to plan something fun each day in your daily life so that you look forward to something everyday!

For example, you can try a new workout on Monday, test a new recipe on Tuesday, visit your favorite grocery store on Wednesday, spend some time on your hobby on Thursday, catch up with friends or family on Friday, do something new on Saturday and take a bath on Sunday!

The most important is to have a plan to do something fun everyday. You will feel more in control of your life and treasure each day more. You will look forward to the next day when you go to sleep and feel excited to start your day when you wake up in the morning!

Tip #2: Catch the Sunrise & Sunset Near Your Home

Have you ever watched the sunrise or sunset near where you live?

We often make plans to see the sunrise or sunset when we travel to the seaside or mountains, but we tend to forget that the sun also rises and sets just the same way where-ever we are!

Find a spot near where you live and pick a clear day to watch the sunrise and sunset!

If watching the sunrise and sunset seems too much effort, try sticking your head out of your window at night for a moment and stargaze!

You will be pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the sunrise/sunset/stars are right where you live!

Tip #3: Explore Food from Different Places and Pretend You Are There!

Have you always wanted to travel to a country? Why don't you start with tasting food from there?

For example, I've always wanted to go to Japan, but before I get the chance to actually go there, I try to imagine myself being there whenever I dine in a Japanese restaurant.

Even if you don't have access to restaurants from your desired destination near where you live, you can always look up recipes and try to make food from your dream travel destination to get a taste of that place!

Tip# 4: Be A Tourist for A Day

We often hear local people say "that's where the tourists go", but many of them haven't even gone there themselves or haven't been there for a while!

What if you just pretend to be a tourist in your area and just try out that restaurant or climb up to that "touristy" lookout tower? Maybe you will discover a new perspective on your area.

For example, although I grew up in Budapest, I've never gone up the St. Stephen's Basilica in my 20 years of living there until I brought my friends up there on their first visit to Budapest! By being a tourist in my home town, I rediscovered its beauty and found my new favorite viewpoint in the city!

Tip #5 Look Up the History of Your Place

When we travel to a place, we often take time to get to know the place by reading about its history. But how much do we know about the history of the place we live in?

Take a moment to Google your place and look up what it looked like 10-20 years ago. Find out some fun facts about your place (e.g. famous people who lived there, historic events). For example, did you know that modest small town Sterling, MA was home to Mary from "Mary Had A Little Lamb"?

When you gain a deeper understanding of the shared stories behind your neighborhood, you will feel a greater sense of belonging to the place.

In fact, if you have the mindset of getting to know the place you live in, you will feel at home where ever you move to!


Take Action!

Find a place and schedule a time to see the sunrise/sunset/stars near where you live!


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