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Stressed Out About Your Finances? Here Are Some Tips!

Updated: May 26, 2022

In times of extreme financial volatility due to the unpredictability of the pandemic and worldwide crises, we are all worried about our money no matter where we are financially.

Given we cannot control what happens in the external environment, the best we can do is to concentrate on things we can control. Specifically, we should focus on maintain our ability to continually generate income and find creative ways to enjoy life without spending a fortune.

💡 Avoid being laid off.

Keep up with the latest trends and make sure you are up to date with the skills demanded in your field by reading the latest reports in your field. Constantly demonstrate your value to your employer by prioritizing work that makes the greatest impact. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to showcase your work so that you are visible.

💡 Always be on the look out for jobs.

Be on the lookout for new opportunities you may be qualified for even if you are perfectly happy with your job and have no plans of changing jobs. Doing so has a number of benefits. First, you will be ready and qualified for other jobs at any time, so that you will be confident in finding a job if you are laid off. Also, by familiarizing with the job postings, you will naturally be up to date with the latest knowledge, skills, and abilities needed, so that you will be always prepared for the next opportunity.

Even if you don't need to, you should still apply and interview for jobs that seem like a good fit. Remember, the best time to find a job is when you don't need one. Negotiate with your existing employer if you get an offer that is greater than your current salary.

This will guarantee that your present company always pays you properly at market value.

💡 Plan multiple career paths.

Have a Plan A, B and C in place for your next career move. If Plan A does not work out, you will feel self-assured knowing you have other options. To investigate alternate career paths, regularly network with people who are more senior in your profession either in your own company, on LinkedIn and/or by attending conferences and events in your field.

💡 Determine what skills you have that can be turned into a side hustle.

First, write out all the different skills you have (e.g. photography, blog writing, video editing, etc.). Then, ask yourself: Which of these can potentially generate you income? Even if it is not apparent how you will make money out of the particular activity, you can start to practice it as a hobby to hone your skills. This pastime might one day become your full-time employment!

💡 Keep lifestyle inflation under control.

It's very tempting to splurge as our income increases over time, but this is also the key reason why we become anxious about our quality of life going downhill if we don't keep earning more and more. The key is to increase your spending at a slower pace than your income rises. Always spend like you have less money than you actually do. In the event of a fall in your income, this will help you adapt more quickly.

💡 Learn to cook!

The cost of eating away from home rose 6% over the last year, the highest jump since January 1982. So learning to cook can be a big money saver. Check out my article "3 Simple Tips to Make Your Meals More Exciting and Less Repetitive" to learn some simple ways cook so that you never run out of ideas of what to cook, plus you will learn about the secret to making tasty food!

💡 Be creative about non-expensive or free ways of having fun!

Knowing you have a bunch of things you can enjoy at little to no cost, will give you a peace of mind knowing you can still be happy during financially tough times.

What do you like to do that doesn't cost a lot of money? For example, catching the sunset near your home or playing games with your friends are great examples of things that are quite enjoyable for most of us but is not costly.

Remember, you can always skip expensive vacations with mini-sightseeing tours in your local area. Check out my article on how to "Live Everyday With A Traveler's Mindset" for ways to feel the benefits of traveling without having to travel far and spend lots of money.

I really hope these practical tips will help ease your financial anxieties!

Ultimately, focusing on continually positively contributing and bringing value to the world, while maintaining a low-cost, sustainable, yet joyful lifestyle will give you the real peace of mind about your finances.


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Unknown member
Jun 25, 2022

Every single day prices are increasing on all things whether it is food, clothes, electronic items, etc. It has become so difficult to manage all the expenses. I am doing 2 jobs and sometimes I give dissertation proofreading services but still, sometimes I become completely broke and it is not because I'm spending too much money on useless things I only spend money on the most necessary things. I read your blog it is well-written. thanks for sharing.

Sarah Tian
Sarah Tian
Jun 27, 2022
Replying to

Welcome to My New "Perfect" and thanks for your comment! I'm glad that you found this article useful! I would love to hear more about what other well-being related concerns you may have so that we can better help you! Feel free to email me at to talk more!

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