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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Success

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

It's important that we properly celebrate our accomplishments and even our small wins in our daily life. This will provide us positive reinforcement and motivate us to work hard to reach our next goal.

I hit some major milestones in my life recently, but without any plans in advance to celebrate. This made me wonder what others do to celebrate? What are some more creative ways to celebrate other than throwing a party, going on holiday or buying something nice for yourself?

After doing some research, I found these to be the most creative and fun ways to celebrate that will hopefully inspire you to try one out next time you reach a goal!

💡 Live your perfect day!

Start by writing down a description of what your ideal day looks like that you can realistically live out under your current circumstances. Be as specific as you can. Ask yourself, what you want to eat on your perfect day for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Who would you hang out with? What activities would you do at different times of the day? Finally, simply set aside a day to live as close as your idea of your perfect day!

💡 Do something you've wanted to do for a long time!

Is there a particular activity that you wanted to do for a long time now but you never got to because of other priorities in your life? For example, is there an old friend you've wanted to connect with? Is there a long-lost hobby you wanted to pick up again? Is there a place you've always wanted to visit? Now it's the time to do it!

💡 Check off something from your "100 Things To Do Before You Die" List

Do you have a list of things you want to do before you die? If not, this is the time to start making a list and pick one from the list that you can realistically do now!

💡 Create a celebration board!

Every time you accomplish a goal, print out an image that represents what you have accomplished and pin/stick it onto a board that you can hang somewhere visible. This will serve as a constant reminder of how far you've come and bring a smile on your face every time you see it! You can also frame your accomplishments (e.g. letters of acceptances) to not only remind yourself of your accomplishment but to also protect important documents like certificates and diplomas!

💡 Add to your accomplishment jar!

Every time you accomplish something, write it down on a small piece of paper, roll it up and put it into a jar. After a year or so, dump out the jar read each of your achievement and bath in your greatness!

I hope this has inspired you to find new ways to celebrate next time you accomplish something big or small! :)


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