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4 Ways to Set Healthy Work-Life Boundaries to Thrive In & Out of Work

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you want to live a more fulfilled life where you have the time to do the things you want everyday?

Do you feel like you never have time for your hobbies? Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones? Do you wish you had more time to take care of your physical and mental well-being?

I'm here to tell you that with the appropriate strategies, you can learn to set the right boundaries with your work so that you have the time for all the things you want to do each day!

💡 Set a Hard Stop for Your Regular Work Day

You should set a time each day when you will stop working and make sure to let your coworkers know that. Knowing you have a hard stop and thus limited time to work will force you to work more efficiently and motivate you to focus more during work time. Prioritize getting the most critical work done early in the day to ensure you will have the time to finish them.

💡 Turn Off Work-Related Notifications on Your Phone

To avoid the temptation to reply to work-related messages after hours, make sure to turn-off all your work-related notifications on your phone. Not replying immediately to a message after work hours is a signal to your coworkers that you have boundaries and they will gradually learn that you are not as available outside of your work hours.

💡 Plan Activities Outside of Work

If you don't have anything you plan to do outside of work, of course working becomes the default thing you do! After-all, working is better than doing nothing, right? And if you love your job, working can be quite fun, so it is even harder for you to switch off! So it is critical that you reflect on what are your life priorities and have a list of meaningful things you could be doing outside of work.

Let's brainstorm a little and write down all the meaningful things you could be doing that contributes to different aspects of your well-being:

  • Physical - e.g. doing some workout, take a hot bath, take a nap

  • Emotional - e.g. meditate, read that book you've always wanted to read

  • Social - e.g. play with your kid, talk to your partner, catch up with a friend

  • Financial - e.g. work on your side-gig that provides you an extra source of income, re-balance your investments

Once you have the list of meaningful things you could be doing outside of work, it will be much easier for you to log-off work!

💡 Reshape Your Limiting Beliefs About Work

There are a number of common limiting beliefs that you may have about work. You may be thinking: “If I’m not available 24/7, then I may miss something important!”, “I’m the only one that can do this so I must be on all the time!”, and "The only way I can get this promotion if I work all the time!".

Shift your thinking to: “If I take time boost my well-being and recharge, I will be more productive at work, have better quality relationships with my loved ones, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.”

Start putting one of the above advice into practice starting this week! Also, be sure to share any tips you have that have helped you set healthier boundaries with your work!


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