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6 Ways To Quickly Boost Your Confidence

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you want to boost your confidence and feel better about yourself?

Having confidence in yourself is key for your well-being and your success. If you are not confident about yourself, you may not even try to get the things you want in life. But if you are confident, you will at least make an effort to reach your goals, which at least provides some chance of succeeding!

Here are some tips to help improve your confidence. They have personally worked for me in my own journey of building confidence:

💡Achieve things (big or small) using your strengths

To build confidence, first you need to have something to be confident about. The foundation of your confidence can be built by accumulating accomplishments in your areas of strengths.

For example, knowing you are good at cooking, try a new recipe on a regular basis to keep enhancing your cooking skills. This will not only boost your confidence in your cooking, but will also enhance your overall self-esteem.

💡Regularly step out of your comfort zone

If you are good at learning and doing something new, you are bound to feel confident about your abilities!

Therefore, make an effort to regularly step out of your comfort zone and learn to do something new! You will be pleasantly surprised by your abilities and your confidence will skyrocket!

💡Collect compliments from others

From now on, every time your coworker/manager compliments you at work or your family/friends mention your strengths, type it up into a Word document. Every time you doubt yourself, open that document to remind yourself of your strengths!

💡Record your accomplishments

Similarly, you should regularly write down your accomplishments in different aspects of your life.

In the area of work, make sure to update your resume every time you complete a new project so that you have an updated list of key accomplishments in mind.

In your personal life, you can also list all the personal projects (e.g. home-improvement projects, "I learned to play a new piano piece", "I made a new dish") that you have completed.

Again, whenever you feel a sense of lack of accomplishment, simply go through your recent list of accomplishments to regain your confidence!

💡Measure yourself with your own success ruler

We often feel lack of confidence when we start to compare ourselves to others. Therefore, it is important to define your own metrics and only measure against your success ruler.

💡Surround yourself with those who believe in you

Finally, others' perception of you can influence your confidence about yourself. So make sure to spend more time with family and friends who believe in you and value you! Stay away from those who put you down!

Just like most things, maintaining a healthy level of confidence takes practice! As someone who personally struggles with confidence, these tips have truly helped me increase my confidence over time with practice.

By regularly practicing these tips, I hope you can successfully regain your confidence when you need a booster, monitor your confidence level over time and have a healthier view of yourself!


Take Action!

1. Try out one of the tips mentioned!

2. Leave your comment and share your tips for how you regain your confidence!


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