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How to Find Your "Update Buddy" and Accomplish Your Goals Faster

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you have a goal but don't know how to get there? Do you find yourself procrastinating and not moving fast enough towards your goal?

When we want to accomplish a goal, we often seek help from others to help us. For example if you wanted to lose weight, you might get a personal trainer; if you wanted to find the right career or you, you may get help from a career coach/counselor; if you wanted to improve your wellness, you may get a sleep coach or nutritionist.

The reason why getting help from others works is because they help you create a plan, set small goals towards accomplishing the larger goal and most importantly, they check-in with you on a regular basis to keep you accountable! This will give you pressure and motivate you to complete small tasks that will eventually lead to accomplishing your goal!

This is why you have weekly check-ins with your manager where you report on your past week's progress and set goals for the upcoming week. This ensures that you will accomplish your work tasks on time!

But how about your personal goals outside of work?

For example, you might have a goal of finding a new job, starting your own side-business or losing weight. What if you want to accomplish these goals without having to pay for professional services?

Here are some tips:

💡Let's be each-other's "Update Buddy"!

If you are lucky to have a partner or some close friends, you can be each-other's "update buddy"! This is also a perfect opportunity to connect with old friends and strengthen your bond with them in general!

In the same way as you would update your boss on your progress at work, you can set up time to regularly update your buddy on what you have accomplished recently towards your goal and what you plan to do next. These two simple questions will get you going:

1. What have you accomplished in the past week to bring your closer to your goal?

2. What do you plan to accomplish before you meet next?

For example, you can schedule 10 sessions with your friend to discuss progress on 1-2 goals at a time. Over time, this progress-reporting and goal-setting will hopefully become a habit that you will do even without weekly meetings with your buddy!

Another bonus outcome from these update buddy sessions is a strengthening of your relationships, which will in itself boost your overall well-being!

💡Find Your "Update Buddy" in Our Community

You can always try to find buddies on online communities like My New "Perfect", who are all motivated to help each-other be better versions of themselves!

First, make sure to subscribe on the bottom of the page to become a member in our community. Then just shoot me an email if you want to find an "Update Buddy" and I can match you with a member in our community!

💡Be Your Own "Update Buddy"

If you really cannot find someone to be your buddy, why don't you become your own buddy? After all, the goal of working with an "update buddy" is to eventually make it a habit of creating a plan of attack towards your goal and sticking to the plan!

You can be your own "update buddy" by writing down answers to the two questions above each week. Make sure to schedule regular time to go over your progress with your "update buddy" self and set goals for the upcoming week.


Take Action!

Find an "Update Buddy" or start being your own buddy by writing down the answers to the following questions:

1. What have you accomplished in the past week to bring your closer to your goal?

2. What do you plan to accomplish before you meet next?


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