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Price Your Job & Maximize Your Salary Potential

Updated: May 26, 2022

You should always know how much you are worth, regardless of whether you are contemplating a job offer or just want to make sure you are paid appropriately.

The lack of salary information can put you at a disadvantage when negotiating salaries for a new job. Not knowing you market value in general prevents you from maximizing your pay and get paid the amount you deserve.

In this article, I have compiled some tips and resources to help you stay on top of how much you are worth! Read on to take your first step in maximizing your salary potential!

💡Find out if your state has salary transparency laws

Did you know that some states (e.g. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, in the U.S. require employers to share the salary of the job?

Check out this article to see the details of the laws. For example, starting in January 2021, Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act "requires employers to include compensation in job postings". Also, for example, as of April 2022, employers in New York City will be required to disclose the minimum and maximum salary on all job postings as well.

💡Check out Colorado's job listings even if the job you are interested in is not in Colorado

Simply search for the job you are interested in with Location set to "Colorado" to see the pay range of the job. For example, this job posting of "Business and Marketing Data Scientist, gTech" at Google shows the Colorado-based salary range:

💡Ask your recruiter/hiring manager directly

Let your recruiter know the salary range you are looking for so that they will not waste your time if they have a lower budget. Then let them know you are interested in the position and would like to know more about the salary range of the position.

💡Ask those who recently held the role

You can always network a bit on LinkedIn and ask people who are currently on the role or who recently held the role you are interested in.

💡Search online

I have compiled several top salary websites for you. No single source is perfect, so I encourage you to check out multiple sources.

Glassdoor relies on its users like you and I to share salary information. You just have to create an account (if you don't have one) to get started!

Then, simply enter the Job Title and Location to start your search:

Search results look like this:

You can also provide feedback to Glassdoor to help them improve their estimates over time:


You simply need to enter a Job Title and Location to get started. No need to create an account and log in.

Here is what the result looks like:

You can further customize your search by providing additional information about the following:

You can also search the salary of this job in other countries as well:


Check out how PayScale's obtains salary data in the video in their Methodology page.

To get started, just click on "Complete your salary profile" below:

Then select whether you want salary information about your Current Job, a Job Offer or just Exploring:

Then, you need to answer a quite a few questions about the job to get the report, including things like jot title, year in field, location, etc.

You can always skip some fields if you don't want to answer it.

Finally, you will be able to get your salary report that looks like this:

At the end of the report, you can click on "View Advice" to get some advice on what you can do to increase your pay:

Here are the recommendations for this example:


You need to enter a few things about the job to get a salary report, including Job Title, Location, Education, Field of Study, School Attended, Years of Relevant Experience, and Salary (so it displays a comparison of your current salary with the market rates).

Here is an example report you will get:


Simple get started by entering the Jot Title and Location of the job:

Initially, this is what you will get:

You will see more details if you click on"See more insights" above:


I hope these tips and resources will help you find out how much you are worth, so you can always make sure you are being compensated appropriately!

By reading this article, you've just taken the first step toward increasing your earning potential! :)


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