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How to Thrive During Job Search

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Searching for your first job or after you have been laid off is easily one of the most stressful experiences that most of us face in life. But it doesn't have to be this way!

I have compiled some advice below to help you keep your sanity and perhaps even start to enjoy the process!

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General Tips

💡 Imagine your worst case scenario. It often helps to imagine what would be the worst case scenario if you did not get the job you wanted. Would that mean you will have to move back to your parents' place? Does that mean you would have to settle for a part-time gig for a while? You will likely find that the worst case scenario is often not the end of the world. Remember, as long as you are healthy and alive, there is always hope.

💡 Think alternatives. During the job search, you are likely to have more time on your hands than before. This is the perfect time to reflect on what is your career goal and more importantly, what does your ideal life look like? What are you looking for in your next job? Does this job move you closer to your dream career and lifestyle? After some reflection, you may realize that this may be the time to start the YouTube channel you've always wanted to open but never got to!

💡 Talk to others. Ask your friends who have a job about their story of getting their first job. You will soon realize that everyone had their unique struggles and that everyone has found their place in the world after all, which is very encouraging!

💡 Take breaks. Job hunting can feel like an endless game that will easily burn you out. Know that job hunting is a marathon, but you deserve to take a break and have fun even if you did not get any interviews this week.

Preparing for the interview & during the interview

💡 Boost your confidence. Write down all your key accomplishments, skills and strengths in your character.

💡 Get excited about the interview. Read about the company's values, culture and accomplishments and write out a list of reasons why you want to work for them. Prepare questions you are genuinely interested in asking the interviewer so you can't wait for the interview to find out the answers! This will make you genuinely excited about the interview, which will shine through and make you stand out during your interview!

💡 Enjoy the conversation. Although interviews can be nerve-racking, it doesn't have to be this way! Treat the interview simply as an opportunity to connect with anther human being and make a new friend. Being yourself by speaking your mind will also make you more relaxed.

After an interview

💡 Celebrate. Yes, you deserve it. Completing an interview is one huge step in the job-hunting marathon and could be one of the last steps to the finish line! After the interview, please celebrate by doing something fun in the evening to fuel yourself!

Facing rejection

💡 Don't take it personally. A rejection merely means that job was not the right fit for you at that time, but it doesn't mean that you have failed. Don't let this lower your sense of self-worth. The most productive thing you can do at this point is to ask for feedback from the recruiter so you know where you can work on.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy your "job-hunt", or I prefer to call it a "search for a new way of living" that will hopefully move you closer to your ideal life!

I wish you all your best in your "search for a new way of living"!


Take Action!

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