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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing - Reflections After A Year of Writing Blogs

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

As I write this blog, I have published just over 30 blog posts in the past year on My New "Perfect". I have been pleasantly surprised by the range of benefits of writing that I'm excited to share with you!

I hope this will also inspire you to start writing and sharing whatever you can with others!

💡 1. It's therapeutic!

Honestly, one of the primary reasons for starting this blog was to help myself. It was a dark winter of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, job-hunting was not smooth (see my first blog about "How to Thrive During A Job Search"), and I was also hitting some roadblocks in finishing my dissertation.

Writing was a form of self-therapy for me. I wrote down advice I would give to someone like me going through different challenges in life and immediately felt much better afterwards.

I thought, if it helped me, it will probably help someone else out there. So why don't I write it and share it to help more people?

Writing reduces our stress because when we attempt to write down our thoughts, we feel like we are more in control of our thoughts and immediately calms down our nerves.

So next time you are suffering from any negative emotions (depression, anxiety, stress, etc.), try writing down your thoughts to feel better!

💡 2. Document your journey!

Those who keep diaries know how amazing it feels to flip through the pages of old diaries to relive all the memories of your past. Who knows, maybe in 10 years, you want to write a memoir about your life and you will be thanking yourself for having some notes handy!

Why don't you start writing now while your memories are fresh instead of regretting that you did not write it down when you need it?

Everyone's life is unique and everyone has a valuable story to share. By simply documenting your life, you are recording history from your unique perspective and may be useful and inspiring for current and/or future generations.

Check out some of my blog posts on my stories to get inspired.

💡 3. Makes it easier to share ideas with others!

Do you find others always go to you for the same sorts of questions? For example, I have a PhD in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology, so people often reach out to me via LinkedIn about my experiences studying I/O psychology, how I got into the the PhD program and what are its career prospects.

I wrote an article recently summarizing all the internships and entry-level jobs in I/O Psychology and another comparing I/O careers in academia vs. industry. This way, whenever I get asked about job prospects in I/O in the future, I can simply forward them the article instead of having to repeat myself!

💡 4. Inspire and help others!

If you write down things you have learned in your life that has been helpful for you, I guarantee that it will be helpful for someone else as well! So why don't you do something kind and share your learning with the world so that more people can benefit from it?

Every time someone tells me that they took away something from one of my blog posts, I'm elated with joy - it's definitely one of my top sources of joy nowadays! So if you ever learned something or got inspired by anything on My New "Perfect", be sure to tell me! :)

My New "Perfect" encourages everyone to share your well-being tips, so feel free to email us if you want to get your article published! (see details at the end of this article)

💡 5. Motivates you to keep learning!

Now that I told everyone I have a blog, I have the pressure to produce some content on a regular basis. This has motivated me to keep learning - read books, listen to podcasts and get inspiration from my daily experiences!

I feel like a sponge, trying to absorb everything I can from my life and looking out for inspirations for writing articles in everything I do. I learned so much from writing all the blog posts in the past year that I would not otherwise!


I encourage you all to start writing and share it with others (take it as an opportunity to do something for others)! Even if you are not comfortable sharing your writing with others, writing is an amazing habit to have even if it is just for your self!

As the new year approaches, why don't you set writing as one of your New Year's Resolutions?

Lastly, I recommend listening to NPR Life Kit's "Remembering Petra Mayer: Everyone's a 'real writer.' Here's how to write that book" that gave me confidence and inspired me to keep writing. One message that really stuck with me is:

"You are a 'real writer' if you write".

Yes, YOU can be a writer too if you just write.


Need an outlet to share your stories?

Send your article!

Please reach out to me ( if you have some well-being related tips and personal experiences to share and if you want to publish it on!

Check out our latest guest articles:


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