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Treat Yourself With Your Perfect Day for the Holidays!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

There is no better feeling than the thought of having had a perfect day as you wine down in bed at night. Why not plan to have more of these perfect days? This holiday is the perfect time to do so!

As we hunker down again for the recent surge in COVID, we need to be creative yet again for ways to spend the holidays in the most relaxing, fun and meaningful ways possible given all the limitations.

Personally, I'm not traveling anywhere and have no "big" plans for this season, but I did take some time to plan out the activities I want to do while I stay put.

Here are some ways to help you plan your perfect day(s):

💡 Make a list of activities you like doing on a regular basis!

Your perfect day does not need to be filled with activities you rarely do. There must be some activities you enjoy doing in your daily life that you still want to do on your perfect day.

For example:

  • Take time to cook a nice meal

  • Reading

  • Listening to music

  • Listening to podcasts

  • Exercise

💡 Make a list of activities you've been wanting to do for a long time!

What are some things that you wish you did more of that you haven't done for a long time? It's time to do those on your perfect day!

For example:

💡 Recall the last time you had a perfect day! What did you do?

Take a mental trip back to the last time you felt you had a wonderful and almost perfect day and jot down all the activities you did that you think made it so great.

Incorporate those activities on your perfect day!

💡 Feeling adventurous? Try something new!

For example:

  • Take an online class (creative writing, cooking, etc.; check out Master Classes) to learn something new!

  • Instead of traveling to a new place far away, explore a new place in your local region. You will be surprised at how it feels quite similar to "real" travel! Check out my article on how to Live Everyday With A Traveler's Mindset!

  • Try living a day without using the internet (except for the most critical things). You will be surprised at how many more things you can accomplish!

💡 Finally, make a list of things you don't like doing & avoid doing it!

For example:

  • Not into cooking? Treat yourself by getting take-out!

  • Not a fan of working out? Just don't exercise on this day!

  • Don't like waking up with an alarm, stay in bed until you wake up naturally!

I hope you can use the tips above to design your version of your perfect day(s) and spend your time as you wish during this holiday!

Happy Holidays! :)




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