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30 Things I Learnt at Age 30

  1. You start to appreciate the little things in every day, once you know there is an end to it.

  2. We can all live a creative life. Check out Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

  3. Doing something creative can even make you feel less lonely! Check out Project UnLonely: Healing Our Crisis of Disconnection

  4. Creativity sparks from boredom. Schedule to do nothing. Let yourself be bored.

  5. When you have a conflict with someone, first try to reflect on what may be going on with yourself. How are you doing mentally and physically?

  6. Life is a roller coaster - when something bad happens, something good will happen and vice versa. So never lose hope.

  7. We underestimate how much we change.

  8. Turning 30 is not as scary as it seems. Check out How to Cope with Fear of Aging.

  9. Spending more time on hobbies I had as a kid was some of the best times I've had this year: doing arts and crafts, reading books, collecting stickers and plush toys.

  10. Having quality relationships is key to our happiness (check out The Good Life: Lesson from the World’s Longest Scientific Study). I've learnt to prioritize relationships by spending more time talking to my parents, brother and connecting with friends.

  11. I've learnt to overcome my fear of driving (see How I Overcame My Fear of Driving).

  12. There isn't anything that you "should be" doing, only you think you should.

  13. Not having a routine can set you free.

  14. Most of your worries are just worries, and will not become reality.

  15. I have become more grateful of "uneventful" days because they are the rare ones in life.

  16. Writing about your fears and worries really helps to make you feel better (see 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing).

  17. When you have any questions, just ask ChatGPT.

  18. Nature is the best playground.

  19. Vegetables taste better if you planted them.

  20. Don't make important decisions when you are stressed or not feeling well. Take care of your mental and physical well-being first.

  21. You will never be fully ready to do xyz - Just do it!

  22. One of the best free things I do is reading and listening to ebooks from the library. Get your free local library card now!

  23. Check out 10 Life Lessons I Learnt from My Plants 🪴

  24. Eating more healthy foods makes you mentally feel better as well!

  25. I learnt to find meaning in everything that is supposedly "bad".

  26. Following Jenny and Maddie' stories (see video) recently has really reminded me that our lives can turn upside down within a week, or even shorter. It helped me gain perspective about some struggles I've been going through, and be more intentional and happier recently.

  27. When you are anxious about meeting someone new, ask yourself: "What if they like me?"

  28. No one can read minds. If you don't verbally express your feelings, others will never know how you feel.

  29. Not to judge myself for doing something or not doing something. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" (William Shakespeare)

  30. All good and bad shall pass.

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