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28 Things I Learned At 28

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

For my birthday this year, I have come up with the top 28 things I learned at 28:

  1. You need to define your own success.

  2. Understanding yourself is the key to success (see Thrive with Your Personality - What is Your Personality?).

  3. If you have trouble finding out what you enjoy, just recall what you liked doing for fun as a child (see Lacking Joy? Reconnect with Your Inner Child!)!

  4. Don't wait till you retire to make room for things you are truly passionate about!

  5. Prioritize your mental well-being just like your physical health.

  6. Do something to take care of your well-being everyday.

  7. Rest can make you more productive and creative!

  8. You underestimate how much you will change and how your goals will change in the future.

  9. Letting go of control is the key to reducing your stress.

  10. Always be kind. You never know what others are going through.

  11. You have more power than you think to create the life you want.

  12. Make the best of the little things in daily life. They make up your life over time!

  13. Help others whenever you can. Helping others is helping yourself.

  14. Having a purpose or a mission is key to thrive in life (see 5 Benefits of Finding Your Mission In Life)

  15. There are always ways you can make your experience of work better (see Simple Tips to Improve Your Experience at Work).

  16. Diversify your source of happiness (see Are You Over-Invested in Life? 3 Tips to Diversify Your Happiness Portfolio).

  17. You don't need to go far away to reap the benefits of travel (see Live Everyday With A Traveler's Mindset)

  18. Surround yourself with people you are energized by, inspired by & can learn from.

  19. Do more things you are good at.

  20. Start investing early, no matter how much money you have to spare.

  21. Dishwashers save so much time!

  22. Treat yourself with a deep clean of your place once in a while.